Trusts & Estates

Meticulous Trusts and Estate Planning Services

Plan your estate in the most careful way possible by working with an experienced attorney from The Law Offices of Guthrie & Brady. By planning out your estate, you will ease the burden on your family and leave plans to distribute all your assets without a hitch. 

Everything You Are Looking for in Estate Planning

  • Beneficiary designations
  • Charitable giving and donations
  • Life insurance and Medicaid planning
  • Estate gifts and taxes
  • Retirement and 401K designations

Avoid the Probate Process

You can create a trust or plan your estate so that your family does not have to waste time in probate court. This will help you transfer more of your assets to the people or organizations you care most about. 

Don’t Let the State Take Your Estate

When you plan your estate with a lawyer, you can protect your estate from taxes and more invasive governmental loopholes. In the end, you will avoid a situation where the government squanders the assets you have worked your whole life for. 
Estate Planning
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