Superior Short Sale Services

Is your mortgage more than it is presently worth? If so, you are just like 1 in 5 Americans. The Law Offices Of Guthrie & Brady can help you through our short sales and related services. We’ve been offering experience you can trust since 1965. Call us today.

You Have Options

We will evaluate your mortgage and present several options that may help your upside-down mortgage out. These options include:

  • Short sale – selling your home at a below-market price. The Law Offices Of Guthrie & Brady will negotiate with your lender at no cost to you
  • Possible workout plan – a plan to readjust or delay your mortgage interest and repayments with your lender
  • Walkaway or foreclosure – Walking away is never an easy thing to do. Our real estate lawyers will explain the foreclosure process and help you make the best decision. We can also delay the foreclosure to help you and your family prepare for your future.